Cobweb Professional

Cobweb Professional provides access to exclusive reports for independent practitioners who advise, support or investigate different types of small business.

Save time, impress your clients

Cobweb Professional saves valuable time when researching a particular trade, sector or industry. You can choose from around 300 reports on different trades and professions in 30 key small business sectors. Each report covers the practical trading and regulatory issues specific to that type of business.

Our reports are ideal for:

  • practitioners and consultants researching information about a client’s sector or business
  • trade bodies who need industry-specific information to help attract and support members
  • specialist industry training providers requiring information to use as course materials or hand-outs.

How does it work?

When you register for Cobweb Professional, you can download one or more reports under a one-off or 12-month licence, with permission for either:

  • once-only professional use: for example, to supply to a client or to use as content in a consultancy report
  • multiple use: for example, to hand out to training course participants or supply to members of a trade association.

You can badge or customise each report with your logo or corporate ID. You will also receive any updates we make to the content of the report during the licence period.

Get in touch

To find out how Cobweb Professional can help you add unique value to your service, please contact Rachel Travis on 0191 461 8000.